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For the last 25 years, Postal + iRepair Plus has been successfully providing the best postal and repair services. We have a range of service options to fit every requirement. Our centers are located all across the United States, but we mainly operate in Sugar Land. We specialize in Postal services through FedEx, UPS, DHL with a time track record. We have been handling thousands of deliveries in the business areas and for the locals for years. It is not just our Postal service but also the repairs which have made us a trusted center amongst the locals.

We are a dedicated center that believes in providing fair prices and good quality services every time. So when you are planning to send a package or get a repair service, you can consider calling us or visiting us to get the expert’s help. We want to provide the best in every way. Our experts understand the importance of technology in the current time. We have specialized ourselves in handling the repair services of smartphones, iPad, game consoles, LCD etc. No matter if there is a faulty battery, broken screen or any other aspect. We have got just the right professional who can handle it efficiently and provide satisfactory results.

Our center is a perfect spot for those people who want to have some extra time with their current devices. Remember, we are not just limited to smartphone repairs. We can handle other gadgets too. Also, the cost of our services is highly affordable, which saves not only money but also time as we assure that the repair services are performed in the minimum time possible.

We are not just any other center. We are dedicated to providing all the postal and repair services right under one roof. We have a highly-skilled technician team and friendly and supportive staff who will assist you with the required service. Our experts are dedicated. They ensure our customers are receiving good service. We focus on making things easy and delivering a good experience.

We are customer-centric and assure the best every time. With our Postal services, there is nothing to worry about. We are here to guarantee fast, reliable and safe delivery of the package to the desired location. Be it the national or international place; we have just the perfect means to guarantee delivery is done on time. Our experts can help you understand the right means that you can choose to send away the package at an affordable rate. Be it through air means or any other mode; we have got the right solution for you. With us, you will get just the right opportunity to keep track of your package. We provide great customer support that helps resolve any concerns or difficulties. The tracking system is highly convenient, which allows you to stay updated about every minor move of your package right until the delivery.

Undoubtedly it can be said that our experience and our teamwork together in the right manner to help bring out the results that are absolutely worth it. We not only aim to provide good services but also ensure you get to save money. Be it the repairs or the Postal service; we are here to provide proper assistance and help you in the best possible manner every time. Our experts will provide timely assistance and also support you throughout the process. You just need to schedule an appointment with us or visit us directly to get the assistance you want. We are here to ease out the process for you and deliver you the best.

Working Process

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Damaged Device

Repair plus provide a high range of service for your digital device

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Hand Over to Us

We have a over 48 branches in the US, you can easily reach us

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Repair the Device

Our expert technicians will repair your device very quick and quality

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Get Back From Us

Get back your device with high range of service & On time.

Team Members

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Quality Checker

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Branch Manager

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