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Steps to Reset Your iPhone

01 Apr

The iPhone is a highly popular device that people love for the convenience and the features it provides them. But despite this, you can face difficulty with the device. There is a possibility that you would want to reset your iPhone entirely, which would mean wiping the entire data from the device and returning it back to the factory settings. No doubt you must have an idea as to how to reset it, but there are certain things you need to do. When facing difficulty, you will look for cell phone repair near me and visit a good store for the services now. Now check out the guide to understand things in detail.

Why Reset The IPhone?

When the iPhone starts creating trouble, and nothing seems to work, then a factory reset is what will help you. No doubt you should first try restarting your device and visit a local for cell phone repair in Sugarland, but when none of this works, then a factory reset will help resolve the issue with the phone freezing, crashing and creating other trouble. You must know that electronic devices can be highly complicated. Resetting and wiping away all the information from the device will clear the problem that might be creating trouble.

Besides this if you are planning to sell your iPhone, delete all the sensitive data. If not, one will get access to social media profiles and other information, which would be quite risky. Besides, just before selling your device, you will have to get it repaired. So better look for iPhone repair in Sugarland to get the device fixed.

How to Reset?

When you plan to get rid of all the data from your iPhone, then follow the guide.

1. Backup your phone

Before you actually reset your device, make sure you have got a backup of all the essential photos and documents.

• You can consider making use of iTunes or iCloud for backing up the iOS device

• In the case of iCloud, you need to visit the settings and look for backup. Make sure the feature is enabled. To double-check when the last backup was run, look at the backup option. There the information will be present. If there is no backup that has happened earlier, you can tap on the backup now button to get the pictures and files secured.

• In the case of iTunes, you must connect your PC with the device using the charging cable. Now click on the iPhone. You will find the option to backup.

2. Factory reset your phone

Once you have backed up your device, you will need to perform the factory reset. It will completely wipe away all the information from the device.

• Visit the settings. Find the reset option. Now click on erase all content

• If you have an iCloud backup set up, then iOS will ask you to stay updated, so make sure you don’t lose the unsaved data

• Once you have typed in your password, you will get a warning box that states that you are erasing the iPhone data. Make sure you click on this

• Now, you need to fill in the Apple ID password to confirm the option. The device will now be clear and seem just as new.

• In the case of iTunes, when you have a device connected to your laptop, you will find a restore iPhone button that will help reset the device entirely.

It can be quite easy to reset an iPhone, but when facing trouble, make sure you look for cell phone repair near me and visit a local center for the services.

Take Professional Help

When facing trouble in resetting your iPhone, you can consider visiting a center for iPhone repair in Sugarland. Postal + iRepair Plus is a reliable option for the services. The experts have got proper ideas as to how to handle things with care and ensure that the results are satisfactory. They will take care of all the minor aspects, and you provide the best possible services. They are here as a proper support system to help you reset the device and avoid any possible chance of data transfer.