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Disadvantages of Buying iPhone 13

15 Jan

The iPhone releases at least one new series every year. On September 14, it introduced the iPhone 13 series, which has received great response in the market. But there are a lot of drawbacks, making it one of those iPhone models that one must not consider purchasing. No doubt, the iPhone model comes with great benefits. In fact, there are now centers that provide iPhone repair in Sugarland, making it absolutely worth investing in such a flagship model. But still, there are reasons as to why investing in iPhone 13 models will not be worth it.

1.  120 Hertz is expensive for Pro  Apple is always there as a tough competition for the Android devices in terms of the frame rate of the display. The Android models no longer limit 120 Hz screen. This means you can now even find such great screen quality even in low-cost or mid-range phones. It provides more images for scrolling, gaming and viewing content. The two of the iPhone 13 Pro models, which was released last year, offer variable frame rate up to 120 Hz. However, the standard models do not have it. They are still stuck at 60 Hz. This means if you want to get 120 Hz, then you will have to spend at least $949 for purchasing the iPhone. This is certainly a big disadvantage you can get by purchasing such an expensive flagship model.

2.  No fingerprint sensor in the display Some of the users have already complained about the absence of a home button on the majority of the iPhones because they prefer the simplicity of a button as they are quite frustrated by the face ID, especially when wearing masks. For a long time, there have been rumors that a Touch ID could return, although not in the physical button form but under the display. This is a feature of which is already seen in some Android devices like the Galaxy S21. Apple is expected to be working to return the Touch ID by embedding a fingerprint scanner on the On/ Off switch present on the side of the device, just like the iPad mini. However, the iPhone 13 series does not have any Touch ID in any form. Perhaps it will be seen in the upcoming iPhone models. But the great thing is that when you are facing trouble with your screen or if you have a damaged screen, then you can simply look for cell phone repair in Sugarland and visit a certified center to get professional repair services.

3. Camera improvement The iPhone devices undoubtedly are quite popular for their camera quality. No doubt the camera has been improved to ensure better photo quality. However, certain features are missing that are already seen in the Android flagships. This includes a Periscope camera that ensures hybrid zoom. Also, it is now time for Apple to adjust the resolution not because it has to include more pixels but to improve the quality. Further, Apple makes it possible to record videos at about 4K. But to get an 8k frame, the users will have to wait for the upcoming iPhone models. You can simply look for cell phone repair near me and visit a reliable store to get the repairs done.

4. Smaller notch You might have already noticed that in the iPhone 13 models, that notch is quite a unique selling point of the iPhones. But it is the least identifying factor when looking in front. The other models now have only punch holes for the camera, but this is not the same with iPhone 13 model. The notch is still there despite being narrower.

5. Slow charging Apple every time comes up with new strategies that improve the charging quality of the device. As per Apple, the device must get about 50% charging and about 30 to 35 minutes. However, it doesn’t sound bad as long as you look at the competitors. The one plus 9 Pro can be charged 100% within 29 minutes thanks to the super-fast wireless charging.

 Take professional help

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