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21 Jun

Shipping good services started back in 1956 by an American entrepreneur Malcolm Mclean. The modal for shipping was delivering goods to local boundaries only. Now, the diameter of shipping has been expanded, and it has reached out to international borders. Post office Richmond officials assist you in making your goods delivered to local and international borders hassle-free. 

These days many people are now using courier services, but most of them are not aware of which option they must finalize to send their goods in no time. In some cases, it has been found that someone wanted to send their goods to international borders and mistakenly selected the domestic courier service and later found that the goods didn’t reach their destination on time. The goods were returned to them because the authorities couldn’t find the appropriate address. 

The foremost thing here is to understand the difference between domestic and international shipping. Once you understand the difference between them, it will be easier for you to opt for your desired service easily shortly. 

What is domestic shipping? 

Domestic shipping refers to a process that includes delivering goods from point A to point B within local boundaries. The good part is that when you opt for FedEx Richmond professional services, you can get your goods delivered on the same-day service. Sometimes the delivery happens the very next day depending upon the difference between the two locations.

(Documents Required)   

In general, to ship goods domestically, you won’t require hardcore documents. A verified identification document is all you need to get the goods delivered to their destination. Moreover, if you want your goods to be protected with an extra safety layer, you must bear the extra cost. Most postal Richmond charges you for certified, tracked, and handled carefully optional services.   

What is International Shipping? 

International shipping means when you want to get your goods delivered to international borders. The services include freight shipping, parcel shipping, e-commerce goods, mail, and courier. The delivery time may vary depending upon the distance between destinations. In some scenarios, same-day delivery services are available if you avail of express services. But be alert because you may have to pay some extra out of your pocket.

It is advisable to opt for goods insurance services also before you send them to international borders. The advantage of having insurance is that if any damage occurs while shipping, your goods will be protected by the insurance company. You won’t have to bear a loss from your pocket. Precaution is always better than damage. 

(Documents Required) 

To ship your goods internationally, you need to demonstrate comprehensive documents; also, you need to fill out the required forms to get the goods delivered on time at the right destination. You need to ensure that once you complete all the document’s formalities, get the Xerox copy for your future reference. The significance of having a Xerox copy is that in case something goes wrong with your shipment, then through Xerox documentation, you can recover the loss through claiming. 

Choosing the right Local Post office Richmond Services for your business makes the difference

Prevents you from overspending on shipping: 

That’s true; if you are unknown to the shipping industry, then you might have to hamper your pocket by paying extra out of your wallet. But when you approach local package delivery services, then you needn’t pay any extra penny. Locals will guide you and ask you to pay the set amount only. 

Variants in delivery and flexibility: 

Each client will incline conveyance, and offering additional transportation choices with a wider range in conveyance times and estimating will permit you to engage a greater client base.  

All couriers are not equal when it approaches tracking: 

Odds are, if you’re utilizing a modest arrangement, you’re doubtlessly getting a restricted following help (If you even get followed by any stretch of the imagination). Offering an alternative with a standard or regular following can diminish the odds of your shipments getting lost while simultaneously keeping your clients refreshed on where their shipment is.

How much does the local Postal Richmond charge their customers for courier services?  

Here are some common pricing courier options you can get from the local services: 

Dead Weight: 

In this type of service, the size of a courier doesn’t matter; here, the officials consider the actual weight of your courier, and you need to pay for courier services accordingly.  

Flat Rate: 

In this service, you need to pay a flat rate according to the size of the box. It doesn’t matter what your box carries inside and what the actual weight is. The local post service will not charge you as per the box weight at all. 


So far, you must have a clear idea that next time when you approach your local post office in Richmond, courier service is beneficial for your interest. Don’t get confused now; opt for easy courier services and get your goods delivered at the right destination hassle-free. 

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