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Latest iOS Update

01 Dec

Apple devices are the most popular of all. It is preferred for the user experience and the quality they offer. Besides, Apple plans to develop software updates for iPhone, smartwatch and iPad on Monday that helps add new features to devices. Recently the developer announced iOS 15 update, which is here to deal with notifications, FaceTime, video call tools etc., to help keep the work and home life separate and different other features that will be extremely beneficial. In some cases, people might not be able to get the update when there can be a problem with the device. In such situations, it’s better to look for iPhone repair in Sugarland and visit a reliable store for the necessary services on time so that you get to enjoy the latest update.

When can you get the iOS 15 update?

The download for the new update for Apple begins at about 6 p.m. in the UK time and 1:00 p.m. in the New York time. In contrast to the other manufacturers, all the Apple updates are free to download and install the moment it is available.

Which devices are eligible for the update?

All the Apple devices that have been released from 2015 to date, i.e., from iPhone 6 to the new models, all are ready for an update to iOS 15. In case you are facing any trouble with the update, it will make it better to look for iPhone repair in Sugarland and visit a local center to get professional help as there might be an issue with your internals.

How to get the update?

Getting a new iOS 15 update is a lot simple. You need to visit the settings application of the iPhone and their navigation for the software update. When you are ready to download, click on the install option and then verify to reboot to install. It is similar to any other updates you have been doing in the past.

Cost of iOS 15 update

The new IOS 15 update is available absolutely free of cost from Apple. In case you have when asked to pay for the update, then you must know it is a scam.

iOS 15 notifications and focus

iOS 15 update notifications have been redesigned. They are now a lot more clearer with contact photos and app logos. Besides colors, important notifications can be bundled and delivered at a specific time of your liking. The biggest thing about the feature is the focus; you can now create profiles like home, work, personal, etc., with contacts that are allowed to notify you based on the profile. This means when you are in your personal space, no one from your work interferes and vice versa.

Further, each of the profiles also has a custom home screen. This means when you activate the work focus mode, it will only show the work-related apps. At the same time, the people who will be contacting you will receive an alert. It is a convenient feature that Apple has come up with. In case you think your update isn’t working properly, then better visit a local store for iPhone repair in Sugarland and get professional help. Make sure you visit the center to enjoy the latest features.

Improved multitasking

It is now a lot easier for you to place the application side by side for multitasking. For this, usually, you need to click on the 3 dot menu present at the top of the screen to put the correct application in the mode. Besides, you can even arrange the applications based on your requirements.

Quick notes

Once you swipe from the bottom right, you will get a post-it-style quick note. It helps add links to the site or application you have been using. In fact, you can even handwrite or type in the note section with the stylus.

Faster Siri and privacy upgrades

New iOS upgrade Siri can now process fast voice requests. This had improved privacy and made things a lot faster. It works great for offline applications like settings, timers etc. Besides this, Apple mail can even block email tracking while the new privacy will clearly show how often the apps have been accessed in terms of features like location, camera, photos, third party domain etc.

Get professional help

The new iOS 15 updates are worth it. The features and the performance it is offering are unmatchable. When facing trouble using the new update or if you are able to upgrade to the software, then you can visit a local store for iPhone repair in Sugarland. To get professional services, you can trust Postal + iRepair Plus. We have a team of dedicated professionals. They can efficiently handle the repairs and ensure you have a hassle-free experience. Not to mention the cost of our service is highly affordable which makes things absolutely worth it for our clients.